Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Android SendMail - Send Email Programmatically

SendMail is really an excellent email program found on most Unix systems. I just borrowed the name for my tutorial on sending email programmatically from an Android phone.
Long ago, when I worked on the Palm OS, one could create an email message programmatically, and then place it in the Outbox of the Email application. Once the PDA was synced with the PC, the email would be sent. I was looking for a similar way to send email from the Android phone. After searching the google groups and scouring websites and android docs, I managed to piece together a simple example.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tipster on the real Android G phone

I finally got a chance to run the Tipster application on a real Android powered T-Mobile G phone. I realised that you have to slide open the keyboard to enter values, thus changing the view into a 'landscape mode'. When you do that, the results of the tip calculations are not visible as they are towards the bottom half of the screen. So I experimented and found that I needed to allow 'scrolling' of the view. I have updated the the tutorial with the simple enhancements to make the application visible even in landscape mode.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Some folks are really cowards!

Just today I got hold of a G1 phone. As I was searching the Android App Market, what do I see? I see that some person by the name 'Steve Coward' has copied my tutorial and packaged it as his own! He has published it as Tip Calculator on the App Market for free download.

I dont mind people using my source code, but I had expressly written in the source code that please dont redistribute this code! 

At the very least he could have given some credit to me!

I really feel that some folks dont get the meaning of tutorials, helping hands, requests to not do certain things. Very unethical!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How to develop applications for the Google Android OS

Recently I started exploring the Google Android OS for mobile phones. It is quite an interesting OS and a joy to develop for. I have written this tutorial which shows you how you can write a simple Tip Calculator application for your Google Android powered phone.