Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tipster on the real Android G phone

I finally got a chance to run the Tipster application on a real Android powered T-Mobile G phone. I realised that you have to slide open the keyboard to enter values, thus changing the view into a 'landscape mode'. When you do that, the results of the tip calculations are not visible as they are towards the bottom half of the screen. So I experimented and found that I needed to allow 'scrolling' of the view. I have updated the the tutorial with the simple enhancements to make the application visible even in landscape mode.


Utopianut said...


may I put you blog link on my forums?
we at Taiwan,
I just want to find some tips about android,and let my members know.



Sunit said...

Please do. I want to share as much knowledge as I can with the rest of the developer community.


hey sunit may I know in which country you are living?
If in India, then from where you got G1?

Sunit said...

I am in Silicon Valley, California.

hydtech said...

Wow. this is a great Tutorial. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the community and please do post more tutorials.

Pramod said...

I am using tablelayout inside scrollview but the entire layout is tiling , in the sense the entire screen is repeating twice. Kindly suggest.